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dining with friends

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 13, 2007

Last Wednesday my parents and I had supper with two very dear family friends, Owlfish‘s parents, who had just returned home to Iowa from their apartment in Venice.

When I graduated from high school, I spent two weeks with them in Venice. It was a fantastic trip – I was introduced to cherries, Turandot, and what has become one of my favorite travel-related activities: reading books set in the city and/or country that you are visiting. Owlfish père et mère had collected a number of novels, histories, and mysteries set in Venice, which together occupied a bookshelf in the guest room. I was enchanted by the idea – to me the experience of exploring a new city by day was made all the more delightful by the chance to read stories set there every morning and evening.

The Owlfishes also gave me one of the loveliest photographs I have seen as a college graduation present: an exquisite framing of the iconographic entrance to Moulay Ismail’s shrine in Meknès. Using an alphabet chart, they had painstakingly spelled out my name in Arabic letters on the card – a gesture both charming and sweet, and (because Owlfish’s mother, Printperson, is herself an artist) aesthetically graceful.

The photograph is currently in storage, along with my other prints, but this one, taken from Victor Ovies’ online Morocco photo gallery, is similar in spirit and composition:


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