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the joys of google

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 11, 2007

I subscribe to several Google Alerts, most for news updates on the countries and issues that most interest me.

My alerts for Bahrain, Kuwait, and Syria almost always include relevant articles. After receiving a constant onslaught of email alerts about “Jordan” I wised up and added “Amman”, which has proven a highly effective filter.

On the other hand, I keep the “Lebanon” alert as is, rather than adding “Beirut” or any other modifier. I love the headlines that come from the Lebanons of Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee – not least because of how (with a little imagination) surprisingly apt they might prove for the country as well.

Today’s offering was particularly rich in suggestive headlines:

“Lady Maroons take down Lebanon” (VA)

“TCMA Seventh Graders Triumph at Lebanon” (KY)

“Moravian Sweeps DH from Lebanon Valley” (PA)

“Lebanon Historical Society Hosts Discussions on Origins of Fire Dept” (CT)

Happy googling :-).


2 Responses to “the joys of google”

  1. i loveeeee GOOGLE
    big time
    big big big time
    i am using all of their lab products
    i love their RSS reader thing
    you gotta give it a shot

    you gotta check our new podcast episode this week about staring and cutting line in Kuwait at:

  2. I love google, too! Someone recently told me that google is currently one of the US’s largest hiring companies – they are hiring and hiring new grads and grad school grads as the company continues to grow.

    One of my friends believes that Google’s secret mission is to take over the world. Some days I think: hmmm – might not be such a bad thing!

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