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Ya Kanada: Little Mosque on the Prairie

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 9, 2007

This evening a new Canadian sitcom will have its first airing: Little Mosque on the Prairie, a humorous take on how residents of a rural Saskatchewan (is there any other kind?) town interact with a newly formed Muslim community in their midst.

The show’s website has clips, the first of which (“Airport”) will resonate with anyone, Muslim, Arab, or otherwise, who has thought twice before pulling out something written in Arabic, speaking in Arabic, or referring to Islam and/or the Muslim world in an airport or on an airplane.

Unsurprisingly, the show has already garnered much media interest, in North America and beyond. Since no CBC broadcasts are available where I am, I am hopeful that tonight’s episode will make its way to YouTube – and soon!


4 Responses to “Ya Kanada: Little Mosque on the Prairie”

  1. Med said

    I saw it last night!
    It is a little hokey but I really liked it.
    Next week they go curling.

  2. ya salaam – curling! I love it!

  3. Med said

    One of the jokes on the show that isn’t on YouTube occurs when the imam is taken by security at the airport. At one point he says:
    “What are you going to do? Deport me to Syria?” [a reference to Maher Arar]
    The guard responds
    “Listen buddy, you don’t get to chose which country we deport you to.”

  4. ewwww. that exchange sounds more creepy than funny to me.

    the first episode + assorted news features are now available through YouTube 🙂

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