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“doing what 30 year olds do”

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 5, 2007

Yesterday while working on a project for my father (of the corporate, rather than do-it-yourself home improvement kind), I overheard my mother on the phone, catching up with a family friend.

They discussed my grandfather’s death, my sister’s new motherhood, our Christmas and their Hanukkah, their holiday travels, etc. It was a comfortable conversation, and I enjoyed hearing its rhythms as I worked.

The conversation flowed in through my ears and out again, until one bit got stuck. My mother was explaining that I would be returning to Beirut soon, which must have distressed our friend. The next words I heard were:

“Well, she’s 30 now, and she’s doing what 30 year olds do.”

“… what 30 year olds do”: is there some connection between my age and my destination?

Suddenly an image sprang up in my mind’s eye: a great groundswell of newly minted 30 year olds making their way from their homes around the world, traveling, inexorably, irresistibly, to Beirut. I love it. It couldn’t possibly make the situation there worse, and it might make it better.

Well, even if my fellow bicentennial (for Americans) babies do not follow me, I am going there – and I cannot wait.


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