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Middle East makeover: the Daily Show on al-Jazeera English

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on December 23, 2006

Ordinarily, I am quite content without a television. Every so often, however, the Daily Show does something so brilliant that I am tempted to reconsider.

Happily, the diligent YouTubers are right there, putting up content so sharply funny that ROTFL is too weak a description.


Last week, the Daily Show’s Samantha Bee did a five minute “makeover” of al-Jazeera English. The channel’s producers, news staff, and anchors all appear, gamely joining in as she maligns their presentation and format in an effort to make the channel more appealing (read: more FOX-like) to American viewers.


Early in the segment, Bee interviews Will Stebbins, al-Jazeera English’s bureau chief, who says:

“We’re looking to produce a journalistically quality product.”

Bee interrupts him, asking quizzically:

“Aren’t you trying to appeal to an American audience?”

The segment ends with a “lead in” broadcast by the newly madeover anchors. The channel boasts new graphics and new music; the anchors boast new names (Ghida Fakhri, having taken to heart Bee’s discomfort with the homonymic quality of her last name, introduces herself as “Robin Gomez”) and attempt heroically to banter with one another. Its laugh-out-loud funny, but its also brilliant funny – poignant and sharp at the same time.

Here is the youtube link:



One Response to “Middle East makeover: the Daily Show on al-Jazeera English”

  1. intlxpatr said

    Love this post, Little Diamond. I look forward to watching the makeover.

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