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silent night.

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on December 21, 2006

yesterday morning my grandfather died, a passing not unexpected but deeply mourned by all my family.


I spent most of the day Monday, yesterday, and today with my grandmother and my aunt, with my sister and brother in law coming by as well.

Now my parents have arrived, and I am home (well, ‘home’ in the temporary, hotel sense). it is so quiet, and so still, and I feel myself relax into the silence.

Christmas-time to me is about cold winter nights and warm interiors full of love and candlelight. In our family these nights are marked by the lighting of the Christmas pyramid – a tradition borrowed from West Germany, where my grandparents lived when my mother and her sisters were young.


This Christmas will have cold nights and warm interiors in abundance, with rain outside and tears inside – but tears of laughter as well as sadness.

How funny to have come all the way from Jerusalem for this.




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