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nerding my way through the archives

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on December 11, 2006

The state archives has undergone a lovely renovation since my last visit, introducing not only new tables and chairs, but a more user friendly layout and the complete computerization of the archives.

Hence my view changed slightly from my previous stay here:


The difference may appear subtle, but from a user’s perspective, the archives has changed greatly. The archivists welcome researchers, rather than tolerating them, and I am pleased to note that not once have I looked up from photographing documentss to see an archivist using archival files as a lunch-time placemat. (On the other hand, I was sad to learn from today’s morning guard that the reason for the renovation was a fire that ripped through the building. Luckily, the fire occurred after hours, and no one was hurt.)

In other news, while shopping this morning I was pleased to see validation of what I had so confidently told my friend S last week in Brooklyn: that Kellogg’s All-Bran is sold all over the world (or at least all over my parts of it: Europe and the Middle East). To me, this phenomenon is utterly mystifying. I have never seen All-Bran in another shopper’s cart, basket, or arms. Nor are many of these countries known for their citizens’ all-consuming concern with morning fiber. Who buys All-Bran in Syria, for example, where shopkeepers must go to the trouble of “importing” it from Lebanon?

Well, in any case, I know who buys it here: me.


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