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photos from the forbidden city

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on December 8, 2006

My heart sings in certain cities, and the city where I will be spending the next eight days is one of them.

Below are a trio of photos taken during my last stay here. none too artistic; none too identifiable; but all three special to me in some way.

my perch in the archives

This is the view from my table at the state archives. digital camera and mobile have been upgraded since then, but my prima donna computer (VAIOs can be so fussy) remains the same.

Active Laundry

I passed this launderer’s shop every morning on my way to and from the gym I joined. Each time I passed, I smiled. The shop’s name? Active Laundry.

Clean Hershey’s Kiss

My guidebook described this building in sunlight as looking like a Hershey’s Kiss taking a shower. When I finally saw it, the exhibit it held was no match for the laughter spilling out of me.

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