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Where the girls are: ‘girls’ and ‘working girls’ at the Sheraton Damascus

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on December 6, 2006

An idle Google News search this afternoon brought up this important news release (along with twenty million articles on the more pressing issue of reactions to the Iraq Study Group’s report):

The Sheraton Damascus Hotel and Towers, located in Syria’s capital city Damascus, is offering visitors exciting packages this festive season.

The magnificent Sheraton Damascus Hotel and Towers is located in centre of the city and offers 278 luxurious rooms. The hotel offers a range of indoor and outdoor dining options specialising in Syrian and Middle Eastern cuisine. The hotel also offers a range of facilities including an outdoor swimming pool, lighted tennis courts, tennis lessons and a barbers and beauty salon. One of the most beautiful hotels in Syria, The Sheraton Hotel and Towers makes for a dream festive holiday in one of the worlds most dramatic cultural havens.

Highlights of Syria include; shopping in the Souq Al-Hamidiyya, a long covered market which leads to the heart of the city, visits to some of the Levant region’s oldest mosques and getting steamed cleaned in a authentic Hammam.

Christmas Package

The package includes seven night’s accommodation for two people over the Christmas period and a special Christmas Bazzar buffet lunch in the stunning Omayad Ballroom.

Prices start from £855 and is based on two people sharing a standard room

New Year Package

The package includes seven night’s accommodation for two people over the New Year period and a set menu dinner for two on New Years Eve, including all drinks, in the Omayad Ballroom. Alternatively, for the same price, visitors can dine in The Pub on New Years Eve and drinks are also included. New Year celebrations continue at Rumors disco; entrance costs 2500 Syrian Pounds (approximately £26) and includes two drinks.

Prices start from £949 and is based on two people sharing a standard room.


Intrigued by both the press release’s ta’ifi sensitivity (using the generic “Christmas period” rather than siding with the Eastern Catholics, the Arab Orthodox, or any other Christian denomination by selecting one date as the Sheraton Christmas) and the promise of finding myself “steamed cleaned”, I did as the release suggested and clicked through to the website: www.sheraton.com/damascus.

Finding no mention of these holiday offers on that page, I clicked through to its “hotel offers” page – and my goodness, what an offer: a “girls-only getaway” package. The package invites guests to “get away with the girls”, and suggests that they invite sisters, mothers, and close friends.

Right. The Damascus Sheraton is in fact a wonderful place for girls of all ages, as long as they are 1) looking for a husband 2) looking for a little cinq-a-sept romance 3) looking for a second husband or 4) for hire. From the pizzeria to the pool, from the pub to Nawafir’s patio, the Sheraton is one big pick-up scene.

I am sure the girls’ getaway package will be a hit.


2 Responses to “Where the girls are: ‘girls’ and ‘working girls’ at the Sheraton Damascus”

  1. intlxpatr said

    Holy Smokes, Little Diamond, how do you even know about such things as “working” girls????? Until you mentioned the Sheraton being a big pick-up place, I was thinking what fun it would be for a family get-away . . . .aarrgh!

  2. oh, ick. sorry ya khalti, but the sheraton is not a good idea – especially as it is located on a very busy roundabout, so the only real option is a taxi. The Meridien is another prostitute haven (not to mention the favorite spot of the mukhabarat), but it is in the middle of a very nice, walkable area (Abou Roumaneh).

    The Four Seasons is probably the best option. I am sure that it too has a stable of professionals, but I have never seen them. Out of sight, out of mind – and happy times in Damascus :-).

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