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A little light war reading: Psywar on the summer war’s leaflet literature

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on November 27, 2006

The Psywar website has just posted a very interesting article by a retired sergeant major named Herbert Friedman (whose bio is available at http://www.psywarrior.com/HerbBio.html). Friedman states at the outset that “This article is not about the war. We will mention some pertinent points briefly, but this article is about the psychological operations conducted by the Israeli Defense Forces and the Hezbollah Party. Readers who are interested in the military aspect of this short 34-day war must look elsewhere.” He also notes that several Arabic-English translations are rough and/or imperfect, and await the assistance of more fluent Arabists.

The materials that this article does contain are fascinating – including numerous images of the Israeli leaflets and cartoons dropped during the war (as well as a sampling of those dropped in 1982), and an assessment of Hizbullah’s post-war advertising/pr efforts.

Several leaflets and cartoons were shown on Arabic television channels (or passed around the region in facsimile form, as was the case in Damascus), so they will not all be “new news”. However, seeing them as a complete set, with explanatory text providing translation for non-Arabic speakers and the ‘back story’ of their creation for all, makes the article well worth reading.

Psychological operations during the Israel Lebanon War 2006



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