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Musical Syria: further joys of SANA

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on November 22, 2006

There are many, many comments I would like to offer about the current media coverage of Pierre Gemayel’s assassination. However, as a scholar I prefer to write from a less emotional perspective, so that posting must wait for a bit. Instead, I offer the latest from SANA, titled:

Syria sings accord with Montreal University

Syria is in fact a highly musical country. As my friend M pointed out one summer, while playing tour guide to visiting friends, one of the nice things about Syria is how often men (and women, but in public it tends to be men …) break into bits of song, illustrating a story or a point or welcoming a friend. I don’t mean humming – I rarely hear men or women humming – but singing a phrase or a verse of some well known Arabic song. Its lovely – as is the idea of Syria singing an agreement with a French Canadian university. I hope one day that Syria will sing with the US – with an entire chorus of regional and European powers fleshing out the song.

Here is the article:

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Syria and Canada signed on Wednesday the agreement of scientific cooperation that is giving the mastering and PHD degrees to Syrian students studying at Montreal University human sciences, social, medical and natural specialties.

Deputy Minister of Higher Education Dr. Najib Abdul Wahed said “the agreement constitutes a step towards openness of the higher education system in Syria to the Canadian universities and building a scientific and educational body between the Syrian and Canadian universities.”

For his part, Deputy Chairman of the Montreal University welcomed the Syrian students imminent entering into the Canadian university to get the mastering and PHS degrees in various specialties, hoping “to widen horizons of scientific and cultural cooperation with the higher ministry of education.”

The article can be found at: http://www.sana.org/eng/21/2006/11/22/88163.htm.

Happy singing.


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