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“we Syrian democratic leaders believe that Israelis deserve better”: the fantasy world of Farid Ghadry

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on November 11, 2006

among the top reasons that Farid Ghadry, the would-be Ahmed Chalabi of Syria (which clearly justifies US administration support for him … since things worked out so well with Chalabi), will never win Syrians’ hearts: his willingness to put Israeli interests above those of his fellow citizens.

no hopeful head of a post-coup government in an opposition state should go on record as the author of an op-ed 1) published on ynetnews, Yedioth Aharanoth’s English language news website, 2) that says the following:

“The Syrian opposition leadership is ready to meet around a roundtable conference to map Syria’s future with the international community. Even the Muslim Brotherhood will acquiesce to pluralism and a small share in the new and democratic Syrian parliament as many in their leadership have voiced directly to me out of frustration of remaining on the sidelines for 50 years waiting to share power. They understand that sharing power is the best they can hope for and we have ways to hold their feet to the fire.

So while Israeli politicians ponder the question of peace with Assad, the destroyer of Israeli cities and the promoter of the culture of hate against Jews, we Syrian democratic leaders believe that Israelis deserve better. All we are asking from the Israeli leadership is for some imagination, courage, and support in bringing sweeping change to Syria.”

For the full article, see http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3326871,00.html

No Syrian I know would support a government that owes its existence to Israel. To suggest otherwise is worse than wishful thinking: it promises rewards for Israeli (and American) intervention where there will only be repercussions.


2 Responses to ““we Syrian democratic leaders believe that Israelis deserve better”: the fantasy world of Farid Ghadry”

  1. skunk said

    lol, i dont know why but found that very funny. perhaps its the comparison with chalabi.

    if the israelis are to learn anything from iraq, it should be that implanting a new government and pruging the old would do more in the way of uncertainty for israel. had some of the original bathists remained, iraq might be on a swifter route to recovery than it is now.

    atleast with assad, he and his buddies would have control, unlike newcomers like their version of chalabi.

    some sort of peace agreement should be arriving soonish. everyone in damascus is afterall, waiting for their first stock exchange to skyrocket with foreign/gulf oil money 😛 ( my lil theorey as to why syria has been relatively quiet and well behaved recently 😛 )

  2. yes but skunk my friends have been talking about the Damascus bourse since early 2005. well, had been talking – they’ve now given up and gone on to Dubai and Amman.

    it looks like the first ipos will be Islamic: I saw today that Cham Bank is ipo’ing starting next Saturday. a la riba public offering – I love it!

    but you may be right. as the saying goes, business [lit., commerce] before religion (al-tijara qabl al-din). 🙂

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